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The Hindu Council of UK. (HCUK) is an umbrella organisation representing the interest of all Hindus living in UK, irrespective of their caste or country of origin.

The following are some of the objectives of HCUK:


  1. To articulate issues that concern Hindus at the local, state and national levels in United Kingdom.
  2. To negotiate with the government at all levels or other organisations/associations in matters related to Hindu culture and religion.
  3. To organise functions, festivals etc promoting Hindu culture and religion to foster cooperation among participating organisations.
  4. To act as a non-political, non-sectarian, non-profit organisation to promote legitimate social, cultural, educational and religious needs of Hindus in United Kingdom.
  5. To support the establishment of any charitable institution for the benefit of Hindus and the overall community.
  6. To function as an information source for schools, general community concerning Hindu philosophy, culture and religion.
  7. To print and publish books, leaflets etc to promote the activities of the Hindu Council.
  8. To arrange seminars, conventions, conferences etc to promote better understanding of Hindu culture and religion.
  9. To help members of the Hindu community against inappropriate or unjustifiable treatment in matters of issuance of visas for priests, dignitaries and speakers for conferences etc.
  10. Represent the Hindu community at official functions such as Diamond Jubilee, Prince William Wedding etc., celebrations.
  11. Assist in dealing with the media, written and visual, in regard to possible problems such as the publication or broadcasting of material offensive to the Hindu community.
  12. To present a unified Hindu viewpoint on various current social issues relevant to the United Kingdom multicultural society at conferences and in submissions to government institutions.
  13. To organise conferences, symposia etc nationally and overseas and to represent such meetings on behalf of local associations.
  14. To publicise the existence of the council by advising the media, local councils and state and federal governments. 



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Hindu Council UK is a national network of Hindu Temple bodies and cultural Organisations coordinating all different schools of Hindu theology within the UK

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