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  • GAYATRI PARIWAR UK celebrates Diwali in Croydon on Sunday 10 November 2013 in Archbishop Lan franc School Mitcham Road Croydon.From 1.30 - 6.30pm including Havan Cultural items & Dinner. Voluntary donations are welcome Please accept this as our invitation in person We look forward to seeing you on the day. Mayura

Latest news

  • Dear HCUK Members,

    The Annual General Meeting of the HCUK will take place on Saturday 6 September 2014.
    For further information please contact the Chairperson on 07956 655 792 or General Secretary on 07903 216 291.

    Notice on AGM 2014
  • Dear Sir,

    Kashmiri Pandits on Sunday threatened to launch a nationwide campaign against the state and central governments if they fail to initiate dialogue with agitating All Parties Migrants Co-ordination Committee (APMCC) members in Porbandar, Gujarat over facilitating visit to Shardha Peeth Temple in PoK.


  • NIESR publication: It is a great pity that during the passage of The Equality Bill through Parliament, having acknowledged that the available evidence did not indicate that caste discrimination


  • Dear David ( Prime Minister) 
    The Hindu Council UK, its 400 organisations and all the Hindus around the world are  shocked and saddened by the  barbaric execution of David Haines.
    We would like to extend our full support to your Government and the whole Country and express our Condolences to David Haines family.
    It is very important that the Government takes all possible steps to eradicate terrorism and extremist elements within the United Kingdom. The requirement  for all residents to conform to the British standards, respect for all faiths and the peaceful way of life will go a long way to help find a long-term solution. Perhaps you will consider a meeting with all the faith leaders with a view to assess the long-term risks and find an effective and timely solution.
  • Dear Mr Minhas Ji

    I write to thank you, your colleagues at the Metropolitan Police Hindu Association (MPHA) and the Hindu Academy for all your work in helping organise the celebration at the House of Commons to mark Swami Vivekananda's 150th birth anniversary.



    14 March 2015

    At the invitation of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Hindu Council UK Trustees Satya Minhas, Dr. Jagdish Sharma and Dr. VP Naryan Rao ji attended Mahatma Gandhi Statue Unveiling Ceremony in Parliament Square London by Honourable Finance Minister Shri Arun Jaitley. The event commenced with the music and recitation of “Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram” by the artists from Bhartiya Vidhya Bhavan, The speeches followed from the Secretary of State for Culture, Media, and Sport, the Rt Hon Sajid Javid MP, Shri Arun Jaitley, Honourable Minister for Finance, Government of India, our Prime Minister the Rt Hon David Cameron MP and Shri Gopalkrishna Gandhi, grandson of Mahatma Gandhi. Our Hero and the Superstar Shri Amitabh Bachchan read “The Non-Violent Way to World Peace”. This was followed by a Reception at the Durbar Court of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. This was a very worthwhile event commemorating the life and works of Mahatma Gandhi – the inspiration for the nonviolent civil rights movement. Jai Hind


    Satya Minhas

    Chairperson, Hindu Council UK

    Registered Charity No. 1067682
    Mobile: 07956 655 792
  • Shri Venilal Vaghela

    We at Hindu Council UK are saddened by the sad news of untimely passing away of Shri Venilal Vaghela, a prominent Hindu leader of UK. Veniji was one of the founder members of Hindu Council UK and remained its Director Trustee and Treasurer for many years. At many of our AGMs Veniji acted as a sane mediator as befitting of an elder.
    He will be sorely missed by the Hindu community of UK.
    May Lord Almighty grant his soul an abode in his Kingdom. May the Lord Almighty bless the grieving members of Veniji's family with courage to bear his loss.
    Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti
    With you all in prayers
    Dr. Jagdish Sharma
    Founder Trustee of Hindu Council UK 
  • Greetings 2015

    Wishing all our members and their families A Very Happy New Year

    Thank you for your support during 2014 and we look forward to hearing from you and serving you in 2015. Aum

    Satya Minhas

  • World Peace Summit (Seoul, South Korea) – 17-19 September 2014

    I had the honour of representing the Hindu Council UK at the World Alliance of Religions for Peace summit in Seoul, South Korea. The conference was arranged by the Heavenly Culture World Peace Restoration of Light (“HWPL”), a peace organisation with an international presence spread throughout more than 100 countries. We received a very warm welcome from the Chairperson Mr. Man Hee Lee. My learned colleagues from the National Council of Hindu Priests UK also graced the event.


    The atmosphere at the Olympic stadium was electric, full of children chanting slogans of “I love you” and “We want Peace”. The Olympic stadium had around 180,000 people listening to speeches, watching cultural events and chanting for world peace and harmony.


    All peace loving people around the world need to join hands in challenging the world leaders to deliver permanent peace in the world and hold them accountable for their actions.


    Satya Minhas

    Chairperson, Hindu Council UK


    Mobile: 07956 655 792



    The Hindu Council UK Board of Trustees would like to wish you all A Happy Diwali and a Prosperous New Year. We are always at your service and look forward to seeing you soon



    Metropolitan Police Hindu Association

    On 8 October 2014, our member organisation the Metropolitan Police Hindu Association celebrated their Diwali at New Scotland Yard – the Metropolitan Police Service Headquarters. Over 120 people including Metropolitan Police Service Senior Management, MPHA members, Staff Association representatives and prominent community leaders gathered to celebrate – the triumph of Lord Ram over evil and the establishment of Ram Rajya.


    Gurudev Dr Rajesh Parmar from Harrow conducted prayers and Aarti with all present. Swami Brahmeshananacharya ji, a special guest from Goa, also joined in the celebrations. Swamiji and Swamini ji gave his blessings to all present.


    The Chief Guest Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe was welcomed with the presentation of a garland from Special PS Ketan Mandalia. The Commissioner said that he has been attending the great Diwali event to show his support for the great Metropolitan Police Hindu Association who has been providing an excellent support for the Metropolitan Police Service, their members and the communities. He expressed his appreciation and complemented the MPHA members for doing so much work in their own time. The Commissioner said that we shared the common values of celebrating the triumph of Good over evil, Light over darkness. “Good guys win and bad lose.” This is a great duty for the Metropolitan Police to have and we always do our job ethically and within the law. London is one of the most influential and great cities in the world. Sir Bernard welcomed and wished everyone a Happy Diwali and a Happy New Year.


    Assistant Commissioner Territorial Policing Helen King thanked the MPHA and the community leaders for the invitation and warm welcome to the Diwali event. Helen said that she was very proud to be joining the Metropolitan Police in May 2014, the organisation which has embraced diversity and all cultures. She acknowledged and appreciated the MPHA for the work they do. AC King acknowledged the 50,000 personnel, the lights of the MPS and the support of our communities in keeping London safe. She paid tribute to the MPHA and the Hindu communities as a great example of bringing a positive light to all the communities. Helen wished a peaceful and Happy Diwali to all.


    Assistant Commissioner Martin Hewitt mentioned that he has been responsible for leading on the values, standards and behaviours of the MPS. What had struck him so strongly was how these values accord with the beliefs of Hinduism and the spirit of Diwali. Light from darkness, good from evil, hope from despair is a good description of our mission. What Sir Robert Peel wrote down as our mission 185 years ago is still valid for modern policing and we share the same values as the message for Diwali (good out of evil, light out of darkness, knowledge out of ignorance, hope of despair. ‘Part of developing our professionalism is to have an organisation that better reflects the amazing diversity of London.’


    Chris Porter Head of Forensics Quality and Capability - spoke of constantly evolving forensic capability in striving towards the victory of good over evil with the largest growth being in the field of digital forensics. He mentioned sources of evidence being examined include anything from mobile phones to computerised washing machines. Chris concluded by saying that future job opportunities in the Directorate of Forensic Services for Police officers were anticipated.


    Jay Lakhani, our lead Trustee on Education & Director of Hindu Academy gave a spiritual Diwali Message along with MPS Chaplain Jonathan Osborne. Shri Lakhani ji said that God is manifested in all human beings; Diwali offered a very important message from the ancient kingdom of Shri Ram; Shri Ram never lived for Himself; we should all also live for others, be best of friends and learn to co-exist; and we must now infuse in the society we live in the appreciation and acceptance of religious pluralism and learn to embrace inclusiveness.


    Dr Jagdish Sharma complimented the MPHA and Miss Varsha Mistry (who is also the HCUK Regional Director for London East and North) for arranging yet another very successful Diwali event. Jagdish ji said that Shri Ram looked after all His “praja”. Dr Sharma also emphasised the Hindu message of the whole world as my family, respect for all other religions, may all be happy, may no one suffer pain, may all be prosperous, may all follow the path of righteousness.


    Shri Hari Bhai Halai, President of Hindu Forum of Britain, stressed the importance of the umbrella bodies set up to provide a vital service to the Hindu communities. Hari ji wished all a Happy Diwali and a Prosperous New Year.


    Lord Swraj Paul commended the work of the MPS in keeping London safe whilst placing themselves at personal risk. He thanked Varsha and the MPHA for representing the Hindu communities within the police so well.


    RH Keith Vaz MP and Chair of Home Select Committee commended the dedication of MPS and wished everyone in the MPS a Happy Diwali.


    Minister for Justice RH Sailesh Vara MP spoke of the growing challenges of policing in London and the tough expectations of the MPS. He acknowledged and commended the courage and dedication of members of the MPS.


    MP Seema Malhotra complemented the MPHA for their contribution and wished everyone a very Happy Diwali.


    The audience was privileged to have Arunima Kumar Dance Company artists who have performed on big stages in over 35 countries to perform for the Metropolitan Police Hindu Association event and for Diwali in Trafalgar Square. On this beautiful occasion of Diwali, Arunima presented two dance items ASATOMA SADGAMAYA - Asatoma Sathgamaya, a sanskrit chant from the Upanishads meaning from darkness to light. We seek that light which will lead us from materiality and transitory pleasures to the reality of the eternal and KIRAN - THE DANCE OF LIGHT - We dance to the joy of light, of offering, of giving, of surrender and pray for harmony and peace. Wishing each of you a Happy Diwali, may the light be with you and guide you.


    Satya Minhas was presented with a token of appreciation on behalf of MPHA members by Sir Bernard for being the longest serving founder member, who has dealt with over 100 welfare cases. Satya thanked everyone for this honour and said that the MPHA has been a 24/7 service providing association and any organisation and individual could apply to become our member.


    A pure vegetarian buffet was offered to guests. Thank you to all our well-wishers and dedicated volunteers.


    Diwali at Trafalgar Square Sunday 12 October 2014

    Over 30,000 people gathered at Trafalgar Square to celebrate Diwali at the Mayor of London Event in partnership with the Diwali in London group of which MPHA is a member.

    A parade of children walked from the Southbank Centre to Trafalgar Square in Diwali related costumes. Garba dances were enjoyed by attendees. Along with a six hour stage show, over 500 free saris were distributed; vegetarian delights were on offer along with a Diwali information zone and children's Diwali activities. MPHA have been partners of the Diwali in London Committee for over 7 years. Our volunteers (police officers, staff and other members) were also present to support the event. MPHA will be chairing the Diwali in London planning committee as partners of the Mayor of London Diwali in London event 2015.


Hindu temples

dA Mandir, Kovil , Devalayam, or a Hindu temple is a place of worship for followers of Hinduism. A characteristic of most temples is the presence of murtis (statues) of the Hindu deity to whom the temple is dedicated.


Hindu traditions

fHinduism is formed of diverse traditions and has no single founder. Among its direct roots is the historical Vedic religion of Iron Age India and, as such, Hinduism is often called the "oldest living religion"


Hindu events

fHindu festivals are celebrated as per the Hindu Calendar. The calendar depends on the movement of sun and moon so most festivals are celebrated on different dates, move around within a range of dates in different years.


Hindu Festivals

sHindus observe sacred occasions by festive observances. All festivals in Hinduism are predominantly religious in character and significance.


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gThe culture of India refers to the religions, beliefs, customs, traditions, languages, ceremonies, arts, values and the way of life in India and its people.


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gWithin Hinduism a large number of personal gods (Ishvaras) are worshipped as murtis. These beings are significantly powerful entities known as devas.


Hindu Scriptures

f Hinduism is based on "the accumulated treasury of spiritual laws discovered by different persons in different times."



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